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A secret paradise in the Dead Sea

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In the center of the Dead Sea, there is a resort called ‘Badolina Ein Gedi Glamping’.

Above the nature reserves and within walking distance of the creeks

In the heart of the desert you can find a secret and pampering corner with a variety of special accommodation solutions.
A variety of fun attractions, magical sunrises and endless colors of sunsets.

How many places can easily take your

breath away?

Come to relax and enjoy the quiet and magical atmosphere that prevails with us.

Between the mountains of the Judean Desert and the views of the Dead Sea, you can choose the accommodation solution that suits you.

Travel around in the familiar streams and waterfalls and  even take a dip in ths sea to heal your body.

Take a look at these locations here in the link so that you will have the perfect experience during your stay

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