The secrets of the locals

You are about to discover breathtaking places, so take a deep breath.

Kayaking trip

There are places that can only be seen through the sea.. let us take you to wonderful places that you can only reach through the kayak In the lowest place in the world, While you discover spectacular and unimaginable natural phenomena

River Arogut

Don't tell anyone, but it's literally a few minutes' drive from us, or fifteen minutes' walk. Do yourself a favor and walk the entire length of the stream, you'll thank us later, we promise

The Botanic Garden

Heaven on earth Abundant with life and colors, baobab trees from Africa, Adenium from Australia, Cactus from South America, and more You can travel it independently, but if you are interested, talk to us and we will find you a guide It has a total of 900 plants, someone should explain to you, right

David river

So close to us! So for the hikers and the challenge lovers, our recommendation: start at Ein Gedi spring and go down to Nahal David and don't forget to take plenty of water

Masada National Park

Wonderful sunrise from the top of Mount Masada and the remains of magnificent palaces from the time of King Herod. And if you are already in the direction - you can continue to the south and reach the wonderful beaches of Ein Bokek. There is a shopping center and a few restaurants in the area.


טיול חוויתי בכלים עוצמתיים! תוכלו לחוש את הקסם המדברי ואת האדרנלין המתפרץ.
טיול מרהיב ומאתגר בים המלח, יציאה מהמתחם שלנו! וחזרה אלינו . ההנאה מובטחת.

Important Information
Reservations must be made in advance for the streams:
National Parks and Nature Reserves 3639*

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