Pamper yourself in nature? There is such a thing.

Where to Sleep?


A tent from home

As simple as it is perfect


On the desert land in the heart of the Dead Sea, you can set up an independent tent that you brought from home.
 And enjoy all the facilities of our complex.


Badolina's Cabin

Have you heard about them?

A double wooden cabin with a rustic and natural design.
pampering a double bed with beautiful white linens, intimate lighting, air conditioning – like at home, an outdoor balcony and a lot of inner happiness.


Bell tent

Has anyone ever slept in a bell?

A large and spacious tent suitable for a family or group.
8 pampering and carefully arranged mattresses, pleasant night lighting and power sockets to charge the phone.


Space for a caravan

Do you say van or caravan?

You are invited to come to us with your caravan, settle in a quiet corner with a view that cannot be described by word

Come and see for yourself.

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the presidential

A double wooden cabin, located on a small hill and a little far distant from the rest, a small wading pool on the balcony.
The windows and door are made of glass, so you don’t miss a single second of the wonderful view.  

We want you to

Feel at home

So we put a lot of thought into giving you maximum comfort for an unforgettable experience and a feeling you won’t be able to shake off.

Come and get to know Badolina from every angle with us.

Welcome you with joy
introduce and explain to you about the place. You will be amazed by the view and and maybe for a moment the breath will stop. So take a moment for yourself
The heart of the place
Here you can relax and enjoy
Central and luxurious lounge, with seating areas, tables, scattered hammocks and pleasant night lighting, for quality time with friends and family. In the heart of the place you will find an excellent restaurant bar with a variety of drinks and foods. So pamper yourself, maybe with a good book, cold beer or hot chocolate.
the kitchen
Enjoy and cook together
There are refrigerators, desks and water sinks for free use. Don't forget to bring your favorite pot from home and other utensils for a meal of kings.
Fire zone
Another area that warms our hearts is just a few steps from the kitchen, where you can light a fire in half barrels, so that dinner will easily turn into a perfect night. Our recommendation to you: bring a guitar, marshmallows and potatoes to roast on the fire.
מלתחות ושירותים לאתר
Showers and toilets
In the complex there are separate changing rooms for men and women and there is hot water throughout the year, a curtain to hide and a lock at the entrance. The toilets are indeed without separation, but with a lock for each compartment and the cleaning? High level .
Come treat yourselves in our


360 degrees of an amazing view.
delicious food A varied and integrated menu.
 you and the view.

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