Good to know

Before you come to stay with us

  1. The place is open all seasons of the year – and each season has its own color.
    our recommendation? Take a break in the middle of the week and if you planned to come on the weekend, make sure to book at least two months in advance.
  2. Unfortunately, the entry of animals is prohibited.
    In special cases, you can call us – 052-3313-113
  3. The place isn’t kosher  – but welcomes Shabbat keepers and allows late departure by prior arrangement
  4. There is no pool in the complex  but there are beautiful streams, In short walk from the complex.
  5. The payment for independent camping is from the age of 2 only.
    Check in from 14:00 also on Saturday.
    Check out by 11:00.
    After checking out, you can put things aside, go for a walk and even go back to take a shower and get ready for the trip back home, of course with prior arrangement with us
  6. There are promotions and there are discounts, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and become part of our family.
  7. It’s not for nothing that we are called:  Badolina – more than camping.
    We are also a venue for events.
    – For more details: badolinaglamping@gmail.com
  8. There is hot water in the showers, all year round!
  9. All our taps flow with mineral drinking water. 
  10. Book a place in advance at the Nature and Gardens Authority.
  11.  .If you would like to come to us, to enjoy the food and the bar in front of the view, you are more then welcome 🙂
  12. Please note, there is no gas station within 30 km of Ein Gedi – prepare accordingly.

Reach Us

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